Breeze Plus Disposable – Peach Mango

Breeze Plus Peach Mango is a summer-inspired combination of sweet mangoes and juicy peaches. It’s a refreshing blend that will have you begging for more.

These disposable pod vapes feature a 650mAh battery and 3.5ml of e-liquid with a nicotine concentration of 5% (50mg). There are also 0% nicotine versions available for former smokers who want to avoid the harsh hit of traditional cigarettes.


Breeze Plus Peach Mango is a tasty mix of succulent peaches and tropical mangos paired with a touch of mint for a refreshing vapor experience. This disposable vape is made with a tobacco-plant-derived nicotine salt and delivers up to 800 puffs, courtesy of a 650mAh battery. Its 3.5ml e-liquid capacity is the largest of any Breeze Plus device, and its 50mg (5.02%) nicotine strength is plenty for most vapers.

This once in a lifetime blend of flavors has got to be the most fun you’ll have with a pod vape.


Featuring succulent mangoes, tender peaches and zesty pineapple, Breeze Plus Peach Mango is an exotic tropical blend that’s sure to delight. The flavor is paired with tobacco-plant-derived nicotine salt for a powerful 50mg (5.02%) strength. The disposable Breeze Plus device can deliver up to 800 puffs, and has a 650mAh battery that is expertly designed to keep the pod small and portable.

Breeze is a booming brand that offers up to 10 flavors per product category, all of which are designed for those who want to vape but don’t smoke. Each one is made with tobacco-plant derived nicotine salt to provide a potent and satisfying experience.


Pineapple is a pretty big deal for a fruit, especially when it’s paired with citrus. Breeze Plus’s pineapple e-liquid is a must try for any tropical vaper. It’s a pretty good smelling, and tasty, concoction that should satisfy even the most discriminating palates.

Unlike traditional devices that require battery replacement, Breeze Plus disposables are a snap to fill and charge, with up to 800 puffs per device. Moreover, the company’s high-tech devices have a 3.5ml e-liquid capacity and 50mg of nicotine. You can also opt for their pricier counterparts, the Breeze Pro, which boasts a whopping 6ml of e-liquid and 2000 puffs per device.


The Breeze Plus is a disposable pod device with an industry leading capacity of up to 800 puffs of fresh 5% nicotine salt e-liquid. This is achieved with a 650mAh battery engineered beautifully to keep it small and convenient while maintaining amazing flavor.

This flavor is a mouth watering combination of sweet, ripe summer strawberries and refeshing watermelon chunks. The Breeze Plus is available in 10 different flavors, including Peach Mango, making it an excellent choice for new vapers or those looking to try something different from their usual vaporizer.


Breeze Plus Peach Mango is a delicious flavor that will give you a refreshing experience with every hit. The compact and lightweight design ensures that you can take it with you anywhere and the long-lasting battery keeps you going for hours.

The Breeze Plus is a pod device that has a 650mAh battery and an industry-leading capacity of 800 puffs of fresh 5% nicotine e-liquid. The 3.5ml capacity ensures that you never run out of juice and the simple ease of use makes it a convenient option for vapers.


The citrusy flavor of this Breeze Plus e-liquid makes for an easy-to-drink summertime refresher. It’s a whirlwind of flavor that mixes up a sweet strawberry, passion fruit and acai notes with the tangy zest of lemonade to make an icy cool vape that will have you feeling refreshed and revitalized in no time.

The Breeze Plus is a disposable pod device that offers a few of the best flavors in the game, topped by a 650mAh battery that will power you through 800 puffs of 5 percent nicotine salt e-liquid. The Breeze Plus 0% nic variant is the perfect choice for those looking to cut back on their nicotine intake and still enjoy a spirited vape.


Breeze Plus Peach Mango is a classic mint flavor that is infused with refreshing menthol. This is a once in a lifetime mixture that will have you vaping for hours on end!

The BREEZE Plus is a disposable device that comes in many mouthwatering flavors and has a long lasting 1000mAh battery, 6ml of E-Liquid, and 5% salt nicotine. This makes it last about 2000 puffs per disposable so you can enjoy your favorite flavor for a long time! For a limited time, you can buy 10 BREEZE Plus Disposable Devices for the price of 8 and get 1 free!